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Useful, Practical, and Life changing!

by Xavier Roux, President, Redseeds, Inc.

     When faced with life shifting decisions or moments in our lives we feel overwhelmed and most often paralyzed with fear and anxiety. Friends and family seem to know what we "should" be doing and they self help books provide us with sound advice; "let go of fear" "be in the flow" "live in the present" "follow your bliss" .. this is all good but how do you do that? how do you figure out what you truly want in your file? and - more importantly - how to go about it when you are unsure and lost. That's where "SHIFT" comes in. With life story examples and a practical step by step approach Dr. Jeff Hull provides us the tools to identify our core issues as well as a broad array of life coaching exercises and practical, easy to use solutions to get unstuck and regain the confidence needed to tackle the challenges ahead. SHIFT is a very useful reference book for all us who need help facing the challenges of life. A book to read and re-read.

Filled with idea gems- e.g., the Asymptote of Joy

by Caroline Cezina-Levine, Comedian, Executive Coach, and CEO, SixfigureStart, Inc.

     You have to love a book that manages to use the word asymptote in a non-mathematical context. "Shfit" by Jeff Hull, an executive coach and Jungian psychotherapist, pulls that off deftly in his description of the Asymptote of Joy (essentially, there is always more joy to be experienced).

     There are many gems in this book. I personally loved the exercise where you hold an uncooked egg (helps you feel grounded and pay attention). There are substantive tests to take (are you a thinker, feeler or doer?), breezy stories to read of other people's life shifts (many examples so you'll see yourself somewhere), meaty psychological text (for those who like their research), and an overall poetic writing style (which keeps the book accessible to leisure readers like myself).

     The subtitle of "Shfit" by Jeff Hull is Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear. Hull talks about the stages of change and gives inspiration but also practical suggestions of how to deal with the different stages. Mixing life and career examples makes the book relevant for different challenges. The exercises at the end of each chapter are a good reference and handy as you hit a new stage or challenge and need to refer back.

     I highly recommend the book. Early in my career, I worked at a company that used Dr. Hull for executive coaching, so I had met him briefly over 10 years ago before reading the book. I was intrigued at the possibility that high quality executive coaching might be available to the masses. This book does not disappoint. It's engaging but substantive and with enough strategies that you want it for your personal and professional development reference shelf.

A Roadmap to Facing Fear

by Ira Rosenblum, Executive Director Publications, The Juilliard School

     In the sea or self-help books, it's refreshing to find one that is well-written, engaging, and thoroughly realistic in what it promises. In "Shift," Dr. Jeffrey Hull doesn't just offer typical, worn-out self-improvement aphorisms, but a practical plan for facing and transforming our fears. He doesn't promise the eradication of fear from our lives, but rather, acknowledges that it will be present at various stages along the path--and that we can put it to good use, if we have the proper tools. His book is a well stocked toolbox--replete with astute anecdotes and case histories, exercises, and step-by-step suggestions for moving from places of "stuckness" to embracing change.

A must read!

by Sophie Morice, VP and General Manager, Montblanc, Inc.

     I highly recommend Shift to everybody. It is a very generous and well written book in which Dr Jeff Hull shares some of his personal as well as his patient's experiences. He explains wonderfully the different stages of change or the path from fear to success. It made me laugh and cry but more important understand how I was trapped in my own fears. Some of the numerous tools helped me reconnect with my soul to listen to my dreams again. I have move to a place of more self-acceptance, -compassion and -acknowledgement. This is one of the best non fictions I have read in a long time. Thank you Dr J.

A fresh perspective on fear and life changes...

by Andrea Lowenthal, Esq. Attorney-at-Law 

     In the familiar voice of your wisest, most empathic friend, Jeffrey Hull gives us a fresh perspective on not just coping with fear, but recognizing that it is a sign of changes to come that can be positive, after we finally get through the fear! Its easy to feel very alone under awful circumstances, but in Shift we can see that we not only have lots of company (and lets face it we like company in misery) but that we can, with a bit of effort, figure our own way out and on to better things.

A "Present Day" Masterpiece

by Michael Picucci, PhD. Best-selling author, addictions counselor and psychologist

     I was happily awakened by Dr. Jeffrey Hull's book Shift, as it frames our roller-coaster lives into a spectacular journey of self-growth. With great wisdom, Hull teaches us how to embrace change and transform our fear into a partner that is soulful and revealing."