Perhaps it is no accident that you’ve found your way here, at this unique moment in time. Is some part of you in need of rejuvenation, retreat, re-invention, and renewal? Do you harbor a long buried dream or desire for a different life?  Perhaps a voice from deep within is whispering: "Reach out and get support. It is time for CHANGE..." We've all been there.    

     All coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual. Most programs involve weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions in-person or by phone, over a 3-6 month period. Each program is crafted to integrate key elements of health and prosperity—healing the past, grounding the present, and visioning the future.

     We all go “off track” now and then…and need support, techniques and practices (not just pharmaceuticals!) to get lifted out of fear…and back in gear.  With the Life-Shifting approach to self-renewal, no aspect of who you are gets ignored.

     And your dreams? Well, simply put: you get to live them!

     For more information, click on “contact” and enjoy a free 30-minute consultation!  We are here to help!