"During the time that Jeff and I worked together, the single biggest change I experienced was an ability to connect to a healthier level of consciousness more often and quicker. I would attribute that to Jeff's unique insightfulness and willingness to share what he sees directly, boldly, and with compassion."

—Harry Kobritz, COO, New York, NY

     "Jeff has helped me to sort out a wide range of decisions in both my personal and professional lives. In our first meeting, after listening to me for only a short while, Jeff was able to identify the issues we needed to focus on and some of the internal obstacles I had to address to grapple with them better. His willingness to challenge me when necessary has been invaluable in helping me to arrive at a clearer, more positive and structured outlook. He often gives "homework" which supported our work together in our sessions and extended it to my time alone when I could delve into things more deeply. He has helped me to begin making changes that I had had difficulty taking on before. Jeff helped me achieve some real insights and his support and advice has made a huge difference for me."

—Steve M., V.P. Corporate Law, New York, NY

     "Jeff is an outstanding coach! He works with a variety of tools...The result is identification, nurture and strengthening of an inner core. His powerful insights allow him to transform perceived weaknesses, disappointments and blind alleys into sources of strength and growth."

—Vishwa A., Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy, Montclair, New Jersey

     "I can truly say that Jeff's honesty and insights - (not to mention his compassion and directness!!) continually resonate and support my well being."

—Harry K., Corporate Financial Consultant, New York, NY